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What to expect on your visit for a Massage Treatment with TrueDreams.

Before the massage

On your first visit the massage therapist will begin by carrying out a consultation during which you will be asked about your medical history, current physical condition, stress levels, any pain you may be experiencing and if you have any specific goals for the session. This information will assist the therapist to assess your needs and to determine what techniques to use and how to structure the session to achieve the desired goals.

Your treatment will take place in a warm, comfortable and quiet room on a padded massage couch with face cradle which allows you to lie face down without turning your head. This is a slightly different if you are having a Seated Massage. The therapist will ask you to remove any jewellery that you may be wearing such as necklaces, earrings, or watches. You can keep your rings on if you prefer.

You will then be asked to remove your clothing except for your underpants and lie underneath the towel provided on the massage couch facedown into the face cradle. The towels are used to cover your body at all times and only the areas being massaged at any one time are exposed. This ensures that your modesty is respected at all times.

During the massage
The massage therapist may play soothing music. If you prefer silence or different music, just ask the therapist to turn off or change the music. We usually have some scented aromatic candles lit. If you prefer not to have candles for any reason, just inform the therapist.

The massage itself should feel comforting and relaxing. During the massage the therapist will use a wide range of techniques from gentle gliding strokes that calm the nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension, to deeper pressure to relieve muscle tightness.

If you feel any discomfort or pain at anytime during the massage, don’t suffer in silence, let your therapist know. It is important that you are comfortable at all times, after all it is your relaxation time.

After the massage
The therapist will allow you to get up slowly in your own time and get dressed in private this applies to all our treatments.

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